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Your tires and wheels work hard for you.  Over time, those wheels tend to get dirty, greasy, and may even rust.  The visual appeal of even the cleanest vehicle will suffer if the wheels show grease, grime, and rust.  A clean, well-conditioned wheel reinforces your sense of pride, and demonstrates your attention to detail, safety, and maintenance.  Our wheel reconditioning program can help you keep your fleet looking its best.

Our Process

Here is a look at the steps we take to make your wheels look like new.

Before and After

  1. Each incoming wheel is thoroughly inspected for cracks, rust-through, or other damage that may make the wheel unserviceable.  Wheels found unfit for service are removed from the process.
  2. Each wheel is thoroughly cleaned using our proprietary cleaning process, then re-inspected.
  3. A zinc coating is applied to the entire surface area of the wheel.  The zinc acts as a metal preservative which slows, or even stops, the rusting process.
  4. Each wheel is powder-coat painted by hand to ensure complete coverage.
  5. Painted wheels undergo a curing process to harden the finish.
  6. Every finished wheel is subjected to a final inspection to guarantee a like-new appearance.

Aluminum Wheels

S&R Truck Tire Center can also refinish your aluminum wheels.  We finish aluminum wheels by hand to eliminate the warping that can result from machine buffing.  Warped wheels can cause an improper fit to hub or tire, either of which can be catastrophic.  Our expert finishers will bring back the original shine of your wheels, without sacrificing your safety.

Ready When You Need Them

As part of our Fleet Management and Mounted Tire Programs, we can refinish your wheels when your tires are being replaced, repaired, or retreaded.  That way, when you call on our service technicians for a new tire, it will be delivered on a wheel – clean, polished, and ready to roll.

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