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Improper inflation is one of the most common causes of tire failure, and a leading cause of “rubber on the road.” An under-inflated tire bends as it rolls. This causes internal heat, and failure of the steel belting inside the tire. Under-inflation also reduces stability, control, and fuel efficiency.

An over-inflated tire can also be dangerous. When a tire has too much internal pressure, the footprint is reduced, causing less contact with the road. This reduces traction and stability. Excess pressure also harms a tire’s ability to flex when needed, creating an uncomfortable ride, and increasing the chance of damage from potholes and other rough surfaces.

Huber Tire recommends keeping your tires properly inflated in accordance with manufacturer specifications, and establishing a regular schedule of pressure checks with an accurate gauge. Contact our sales team today to ask about our Fleet Management programs. We can take care of your tires, and let you get back to taking care of business.

The following list includes links to tire stats and inflation tables for our most popular tire brands.  These links will take you to files located outside the website, with manufacturer information that is not under our control.  We provide this information as a convenience to our customers, but we cannot accept responsibility for any of the materials contained within.  Manufacturers may occasionally change the location of these documents, so please report any broken links to the webmaster.  Thank you.

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