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loader-web Not only do earthmoving and construction vehicles require a special breed of tires, they also require a special breed of tire technician.  At S&R Truck Tire Center, our tire techs have the knowledge, experience, and certifications that the earthmoving industry demands.  We have served the earthmoving and construction industries in Kentucky and Indiana for decades, and our expertise is unmatched. Through our partnership with Best One Giant Tire, we offer a full range of earthmoving tires, in all sizes, from top manufacturers including Bridgestone, Titan, Michelin, and Double Coin.  We also offer a wide selection of retreads, used tires, wheels, and wheel parts.

Rubber Tracks

S&R Truck Tire Center proud to be your local provider of rubber tracks and track pads for your track-propelled and skid-steer equipment.

Unmatched Availability

Earthmoving and construction equipment can be extremely difficult to transport for service, particularly when tires are involved.  S&R Truck Tire Center offers onsite tire change and maintenance programs, so our skilled technicians can bring the necessary tires and equipment to you.  Our onsite sales and service technicians are MSHA certified for compliance with state and federal safety regulations.  We also offer 24-hour on-call service, fleet inspections, tire maintenance, tracking and reporting, and mounted wheel programs to our earthmoving and construction customers.


Backhoe2Even the best pneumatic tires are susceptible to puncture, especially in the rough and rugged environments found in the earthmoving and construction business.  S&R Truck Tire Center can maximize the life of your hard-working tires with Arnco Flatproofing.  This advanced, solid foam technology can help prevent rim corrosion, valve stem damage, and steel belt wear, while minimizing the impact on ride and fuel economy.  Most importantly, flatproofing gives you the confidence that your most abused tires can get the job done.

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Top Quality Earthmover Brands

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